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Vegan 100% Delicious banner featuring a gree background, and the two Vegan Friendly Doughnuts by Krispy Kreme - Apple Custard Crumbe and Fudge Brownie Bliss - both featured in a flat lay position - Vegan Friendly Logo Vegan 100% Delicious banner featuring a gree background, and the two Vegan Friendly Doughnuts by Krispy Kreme - Apple Custard Crumbe and Fudge Brownie Bliss - both featured in a flat lay position - Vegan Friendly Logo

Krispy Kreme Vegan Doughnuts

100% Delicious

World Vegan Day just got a whole lot sweeter at Krispy Kreme


You asked for it and we listened! To celebrate World Vegan Day, November 1st, we're launching our highly anticipated and limited time only  ‘vegan-friendly’ doughnuts!   

You can get your hands on these two, plant-based and 100% delicious treats online and in store, they're guaranteed to surprise and delight vegan and non-vegans alike. 

We've brought back one of our classic premium flavours - the Apple Custard Crumble Doughnut: a fluffy shell-shaped Doughnut, filled with creamy apple custard, dipped in a tantalising spiced icing, and dunked in a vanilla biscuit crumb.

And for the choc-lovers - the decadent Fudge Brownie Bliss Doughnut: a shell-shaped Doughnut, filled generously with rich brownie batter, expertly dipped in luscious choc icing, and sprinkled with choc biscuit crumbs.

Both flavours are made fresh daily and have been expertly crafted to offer the same great taste and freshness Krispy Kreme is famous for, with the added benefit of being vegan-friendly.  

The vegan duo will be available to order online until 3rd December 2023, or to buy in store until 4th December 2023.

Find some FAQs below to help you with any questions you might have!



Are these doughnuts vegan-friendly?

Yes, our new Fudge Brownie Bliss and Apple Custard Crumble doughnuts are vegan-friendly.

What does ‘vegan-friendly’ mean?

These products are made without the deliberate use of animal-derived ingredients. Our new vegan doughnuts do not include any egg or milk ingredients in the recipe, however, traces may be present as products are made in a facility that also handles animal products. Please refer to our allergen statement on the nutritional information located on each product page for more information. Our Doughnut listing can be found here

What have you taken out to make the doughnuts vegan-friendly?

Our vegan-friendly doughnuts are prepared to a vegan-friendly recipe which has omitted the egg and milk ingredients, making them suitable for a vegan lifestyle. they are made fresh daily and have the same great Krispy Kreme taste!

How will you control the risk of cross contamination with animal ingredients?

Our vegan-friendly doughnuts are produced in the same factory which also creates our other doughnuts and uses shared equipment. However, we have taken all practical steps to minimise the risk of cross contamination as far as is reasonably possible. Before vegan-friendly production, there is a full clean down of all key areas and equipment on site and production is always scheduled to produce vegan-friendly doughnuts first, before the rest of the range.

How are these doughnuts vegan-friendly if they state that they are not suitable for egg or milk allergy sufferers?

Our vegan-friendly doughnuts do not include any egg or milk ingredients in the recipe and are prepared in a way that reduces the risk of cross contamination. However, due to the nature of our doughnut production we cannot guarantee that any of our doughnuts are allergen free.

How can I find out more about your ingredients?

We list nutritional and allergen information on our website alongside ingredients information for all products, this can be found here

Why only vegan-friendly and not gluten free as well?

We are delighted to launch delicious new vegan-friendly doughnuts as we know vegan is an important and growing need for many consumers and we’re excited to offer more choice by expanding our range for those who follow a vegan diet. In creating these vegan-friendly doughnuts we haven’t had to compromise the great taste that Krispy Kreme is famous for. We haven’t found a gluten free recipe yet that lives up to these same high taste standards but will continue to work on it in the future.

Why have you only turned some doughnuts vegan, why not your whole range?

Not everything in our range is suitable for vegans. These two new doughnuts are suitable for those customers who follow a plant-based or vegan diet and taste delicious. It’s important we offer choice to our customers, including non-vegans. In the future, we may review our offering and choose to expand the range.

Where are vegan-friendly doughnuts available?

The Choc Brownie Bliss and Apple Custard Crumble will be available for purchase until 4th December 2023 in our shops across Australia and in 7-Eleven stores nationwide. You can also order them through our Doughnut Packs Menu Online

Are these vegan-friendly doughnuts here to stay?

From 5th December, the Apple Custard Crumble will remain in the Krispy Kreme range – make sure to follow us on social media or sign up to our newsletter to stay up-to-date with any new product launches!

Do you charge more for vegan-friendly doughnuts?

We are pleased to answer that! No, we will not be charging more for our vegan-friendly flavours. We strive to always provide the best quality and value to our customers and as such the new vegan-friendly doughnuts will be priced the same as other selected doughnuts in our range.