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Multi address instructions.
1. To send doughnuts to multiple addresses, add the total number of dozens you would like to send to all addresses into your basket before checkout.
        a. Example – If you want to send 1 dozen to 20 addresses - add 20 dozen
2. From your shopping bag click on "Checkout with multiple addresses"
3. If you are a new customer, register now and add in at least one shipping address – you can add in more addresses at any time
4. A list of all the doughnuts selected will be available in the first step of the checkout.
        a. Example – if you have added 20 dozen doughnuts, they will each be listed individually.
5. Select the address to be delivered to per line. If the address does not exist in your address book, click on "Enter a New address" – from there you can add as many addresses as you need
6. Once you have associated each line with an address, click on "Continue to shipping information”
7. Here, each address will be split into an individual order and you can select the delivery date.
8. Select the shipping method per address for your preferred dates and continue to payment.
9. Enter your payment method before completing your multi address order!
At step 8, you will receive individual delivery quotes per address – some addresses we will not be able to deliver to, you can delete these addresses at any time.
You must register an account to use the multiple address shipping feature
You will receive an email with your invoice details and order numbers
If you have any questions or require assistance, please call: 1300 552 968