Published 03.05.2017

Krispy Kreme with NUTELLA®

Krispy Kreme Nutella Doughnuts

Stop everything! Are you a fan of NUTELLA®?
Well, who isn’t. We’re smitten with this hazelnutty jar of deliciousness.

So, smitten that we decided to put it on our doughnuts. It’s official! For the first time ever in Australia, Krispy Kreme are launching doughnuts with NUTELLA®.

What took you so long? We hear you say.
Perfection! It takes time to create perfection. And, that’s what you get with this flavour mash-up of your dreams. We created and we tasted and we did it all over again until we got the recipe just right. Until two became yum!

It’ll be love at first bite with ‘Doughnut Dipped with NUTELLA®’. We dipped the doughnut in NUTELLA® and sprinkled it with caramelised hazelnuts for that extra crunch factor.
‘Doughnut filled with NUTELLA®’ is light and fluffy with NUTELLA® in the centre with dusting of icing sugar and a drizzle of NUTELLA®.

Even better you can get them delivered right to your door.

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Don’t wait for too long, these treats are available for a limited time only. If you’re not already in a Krispy Kreme store get yourself to one right now.

Shop Online
Can’t get to a Krispy Kreme store? We thought of that too. Did you know we’re in 7-Eleven stores across NSW, QLD, VIC and WA? It’s your lucky day.

We’ve really gone all out with these doughnuts and how many different ways you can get them.

  • Delight yourself with a Single Pack
  • Twin Pack is perfect for two
  • Four Pack is made to be shared

Krispy Kreme Nutella 7-Eleven Packs

Exclusive to 7-Eleven stores only from 03.05.2017 until 03.07.2017.

NUTELLA® is a registered trademark of Ferrero S.p.A

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