Published 03.11.2015

Doughnut Sundaes

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Nothing says summer more than indulging in an ice cold ice-cream – a perfect summer treat.

How can you improve on perfection? We have!

We’ve put a Krispy Kreme twist to the classic summer treat and created another level of perfection! You have to try it to believe it.

Made with our classic Original Glazed doughnut as the base, topped with creamy vanilla ice-cream and lashings of chocolate fudge, warm caramel or strawberry topping. There are 3 delightful flavours to choose from:

  • Chocolate Cookie for the chocolate lovers
  • Caramel Crumble for those who like things a little bit sweeter
  • Strawberry Sprinkles for a fresh fruity flavour

Now with a new flavour - Pavlova Passion!

This is one cool, creamy, indulgent treat you do not want to miss this summer!


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