Social Distancing In-Store

We’ve all been asked to do our bit. To social distance. To wash our hands. To take extra care of ourselves and our community.

Which is why we’re enforcing strict social distancing and hygiene measures here at Krispy Kreme.

Please read the below to ensure your visit is safe for both you, our staff and our whole community.


Social Distancing in-store:

As our country slowly starts to open up, and government restrictions ease in certain states, it’s easy to fall back into old habits. Which is why our friendly staff are on alert to remind you when your creeping in a bit too close to the fellow doughnut lover infront of you.

We ask all customers visiting our stores to follow our signage and practice responsible social distancing. 

 We are also only allowed a certain amount of customers in-store at any given time. This is clearly marked on the outside of the door. We ask you to wait outside if the store is full, and only enter once another customer exits. 

Dining Room Closures:

We’re so excited to sit together and share a box of doughnuts with you soon, but not all our dining rooms are re-opened yet.

Each state has different health and safety guidelines for COVID, and on top of that, each store has a different layout and size of dining room. For that reason, each store will have a different date for when their dining room will re-open.

For the stores that have dining rooms back up and running, customers will see signs which clearly show where you can and cant sit. 

In the meantime, why not take your doughnuts home to enjoy? You might just become the new family favorite…


Contact Free Payments:

Cashless payments are recommended - in fact, some stores aren’t accepting cash at all right now.

Where possible, please come prepared to pay by card with ‘tap’. If you prefer cash, please just let us know so our team members can take extra care.

Our delivery partners, UberEATS and Menulog, are also offering contact-free service if you’re not quite ready to leave the house, and all of our Drive Thrus are open so you can order and collect in the safety of your car.

Training and Cleaning Practices:  

On top of our already high hygiene and cleanliness standards, every Krispy Kreme team member has received special COVID training, as well as increasing their cleaning time in-store.


How can I stay safe while dining in?

We’ve all been adjusting to social distancing becoming our new normal! So, we are really just asking to keep doing what your doing - Practice social distancing in-store and wash your hands frequently.


We’re so thrilled to have you back. And even though we might be physically distant, we’re happier than ever to have you visit us in-store!

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