Published 01.04.2020

Krispy Kreme & Chatime Collab

Krispy Kreme Bubble Tea Doughnut


When bubble tea and doughnuts cross paths!

Introducing Krispy Kreme’s newest Doughnut and Bubble Tea collab with none other than *drumroll* Chatime!

Together, we’ve created two delicious products that are the best of both worlds.

First up is our all new Pearl Milk Tea doughnut that’s sure to have you feeling all bubbly inside with its milk tea truffle icing and delicious pearl filling!

Alongside our doughnut is a first-of-its-kind Original Glazed Milk Tea with REAL miniature Original Glazed Doughnuts for a little bite to your sip ;)

They’d be coming soon to Krispy Kreme and Chatime stores… IF they were actually real…

Sorry to do this to you, we know how delicious this sounds but who knows, maybe this could make it to the real world some day?

Have a lovely April Fools, friends! Please don’t spoil this for the others.

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