Published 10.03.2020

Come on in....


It’s just not Liverpool without Krispy Kreme is it?! That’s why we’re BACK, and we know you’ll join us in celebrating the reopening of our newly renovated store!

So what’s new we hear you ask, here are the deets:

  1. A brand-new double lane drive thru, so you’ll be able to zoom in and zoom out doughnut in hand in no time flat.
  2. Australia’s biggest Hot Light! Because you know there’s literally nothing like THE iconic Original Glazed®  doughnut, freshly glazed and hot off the line.
  3. We’ve installed solar panels across our roof. On a sunny day this means we can generate enough energy to power our doughnut line for approximately 70 hours.

To celebrate these monumental feats, we have a day jam-filled with fun, excitement and doughnuts lined up for you!

Where: Liverpool Megacenta, 2-20 Orange Grove Rd, Liverpool NSW 2170
When:  Friday 20th March 2020

Liverpool_reopening_doughnuts_krispy_kreme Liverpool_reopening_shakes_krispy_kreme

On the day:

    • Enjoy a FREE Original Glazed® doughnut with any purchase!*
    • Why not compliment your doughnuts with a barista brewed regular coffee, featuring our signature blend, for only $1!



The Krispy Kreme Guide to Queue Etiquette

  • Make sure you follow instructions from our staff around the store and any directional signage.
  • Look out for our "Please queue here" sign which will mark the start of the line.
  • Get to know the people in front and behind you! We like to think of all of us as one big KK family, so let’s get to know one another!
  • You must be present in the queue. If you need to step away, let your queue neighbours know. This is where tip 3 is useful.
  • Don't use unreasonable 'line holding tactics'. This could upset your line neighbours and that's no fun.
  • Keep calm and think of doughnuts!

Look forward to seeing you all there!

*Limit of 1 Original Glazed doughnut per person, per purchase. While stocks last. Please refer to our Liverpool Re-opening Offer Terms and Conditions.


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