Published 06.11.2018

Wedding Doughnut is here!

Krispy Kreme Wedding DoughnutPlanning a wedding is a big deal and a lot of work. How much work would it take out of planning one of the biggest celebrations of your life, if you knew your cake was sorted?

You’ve been scouring Pinterest and want something that’s unique, fun, fits your theme and feeds all your guests. That’s where our newest creation ‘The Wedding Doughnut’ comes in. It’s both beautiful AND delicious.

Perfect for a wedding or engagement – ‘The Wedding Doughnut’ has a classic look with shades of white.
Starting with our signature Original Glazed and hand-dipped in white choc truffle icing. A drizzle of white choc and sprinkling of white pearl sugar add the finishing touches. Take a closer look at the Wedding Doughnut here.

Available to pre-order exclusively via Krispy Kreme Celebrations, orders can be placed up to 60 days in advance. Minimum order of 3 dozen applies, because you can’t build a tower with just one dozen.

Krispy Kreme Celebrations

Unlike a cake you can display doughnuts in fun and creative ways.

  • Stack them into a tower for a new take on the traditional cake.
  • Display on platters and cupcake stands for a dessert buffet.
  • A doughnut wall will get your guests excited and clamouring for a doughnut.

If your wedding has a colour scheme or theme, use complimentary decorations to create a wedding doughnut display that is unique to you.

Even better, no need to cut this cake. Everyone just grab a doughnut and tuck in. If you're in need of inspiration or a few tips, we've put together a handy styling guide just for you.

Krispy Kreme Celebrations

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