Published 28.08.18

Let’s Celebrate!

Krispy Kreme Celebrations

Doughnut Cake = Smiles all round!

For a truly show stopping moment at your next big (or little) celebration unveil a Doughnut Cake or a Doughnut Wall. An instantly Instagrammable moment!

That got us thinking about all the occasions you will most definitely want a cake for. Goes without saying that it’s a Doughnut Cake. et voilà! Krispy Kreme Celebrations.

A place for ordering doughnuts online, getting inspired for your next doughnut creation and handy tips on how to recreate our doughnut creations. It’s easy:

1. Go to Krispy Kreme Celebrations
2. Choose your doughnuts and place order online.
3. Doughnuts delivered to you or pick-up in store.
4. Get creative and assemble doughnuts. You’ll need plates, cake stand, decorations etc. But we’ll leave that to you.
5. Time to party and bask in the compliments.

For some inspiration and handy tips download our styling guide below.

Download Styling Guide

It doesn’t stop there. Next up we tackled one of the biggest days you’ll ever plan…. your wedding day. How much work would it take out of planning one of the if you knew your cake was sorted?

We told our doughnut chefs to create a doughnut that is beautiful AND delicious. Perfectly in place at a wedding or engagement - the ‘Wedding Doughnut’. Made with our signature Original Glazed doughnut hand-dipped in white choc truffle icing, lightly drizzled with white choc and sprinkled with white pearl sugar.

Available to pre-order exclusively via Krispy Kreme Celebrations, orders can be placed up to 60 days in advance. Minimum order of 3 dozen applies, because you can’t build a tower with just one dozen.

Get ordering now!

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Why a Doughnut Cake?

High on the deliciousness quotient, “ooohhh” moments and low on effort (got doughnut stacking skills and an inner creative, you’re good to go) and low on hassle (ahem have you heard? We deliver!) a doughnut cake ticks all the right boxes.

Your birthday coming up? Doughnut Cake!
Baby shower? Doughnut Cake!
Started a new job? Doughnut Cake!
Your dog’s birthday? Doughnut Cake! Suitable for hoomans only.
Engagement party, work function, house party, the

Disclaimer: Doughnut Cakes are suitable for any occasion. You don’t even need a reason for doughnuts.

What we’re getting to is that Doughnut Cakes are good for any celebration big or little.

Things you’ll need know:

  • Wedding Doughnuts available online exclusively via
  • Minimum order of 3 Dozen applies for Wedding Dozen. Priced at $35 per dozen.
  • Nutritional Information of the Wedding Doughnut can be found here.
  • Order online now for up to 60 days in advance for Delivery or Click n’ Collect.
  • We supply the doughnuts only.
  • All decorations used are for display purposes only. They were all very easy to get. Click here to check out our handy Styling Guide for some tips on how to recreate the looks.

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