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Krispy Skremes

It’s more than trick or treat! We’re keeping our Halloween tradition alive with the Return of Krispy Skremes for the whole month of October. The ghastly line-up includes all new monsters and spookalicious treats that will have you screaming for more. Be careful you don’t fall into the spider’s web with the Spooky Spider and Spiderweb doughnuts. They did the jam, they did the monster jam! Now you’ll be humming along to the monster mash while eating the Monster Jam doughnut. It’s spooooky and delicious, Skully is just the right fit for your Halloween party. Last but not least is the unBOOlievably cool Strawberries & Skreme Shake. Available now. Choose an adventure and find out where to get them.

  • Having a Halloween costume party, hanging with friends, a movie night or a Halloween party at work? We deliver!

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  • Spooktacular Halloween treats available in-stores now until October 31st. We’ll also have Halloween Doughnut Decorating on Halloween.

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  • Watch out for the Spooky Spider and Spiderweb doughnuts! They are dropping in at a 7-Eleven store near you now until October 31st.

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  • Want doughnuts now? How about a Strawberries and Skreme Shake? We can make that happen. Available now on UberEATS.

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  • Free doughnut for Halloween

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