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Krispy Kreme Doggie Doughnuts

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Love spoiling your pooch? We have you covered with our newest launch - limited-edition ‘Doggie Doughnuts’ - in the lead up to International Dog Day on 26 August. You can finally share the joy of sweet doughnut treats with your dog-bestie.

We have partnered with Huds & Toke, a small independent business based in Coolum, QLD who specialise in pet treats that are better for your pooch!  

Pawrents can finally have that adorable matching moment with their pup, each Doggie Doughnut is inspired by an iconic Krispy Kreme flavour, with six to choose from including: Original Glazed®, Choc Cookie, Choc Sprinkles, Choc Iced, Strawberry Sprinkles and Choc Cheesecake.  

These pawsome Doggie Doughnuts are available to order as a six pack for $14.95 at your nearest Krispy Kreme Drive Thru Store or via next day click & collect to your closest Krispy Kreme Store!

Only available from 10th August until 26th August 2021 - or unless sold out prior.  


1. Are they Australian Made?  

These products are made by Huds and Toke Pty Ltd in a company owned facility based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. The facility has been specifically made for Huds and Toke and is fully HACCP (Food Safe) Accredited. All products branded Huds and Toke are specifically formulated for the pet which it is intended, and made within the Huds and Toke facility.  

2. Are they healthy?    

These products are 100% Australian made with NO ARITIFICAL PRESERVATIVES or Artificial flavourings. There is no added salt or sugar and all ingredients are human grade and sourced within Australia. They are suitable for dogs of all ages, shapes and sizes. They are 10% fat.  

3. Are they safe for my dog to eat?  

These products have been specifically designed for Dogs of all sizes and ages by professional pet treat Artisans whom all have a love for dogs. These Baked Dog Treats have been formulated with Health in mind and in consultation with professionals. They are a hard baked cookie designed specifically to assist in gum and teeth dental health. Those older dogs with fragile teeth may find them difficult to chew however they are totally safe for your pet to consume. As there are no Artificial Preservatives or Artificial flavourings added, plus being made in a HACCP (Food Safe) Accredited facility, one can feel comfort in knowing that these are dog treats made for your dog. NOT, a human biscuit disguised as a dog treat! Plus, these are 100% Australian made.  

4. Do they need refrigeration?  

They do not require refrigeration regardless of the temperature. These Dog Treats have been designed with proprietary technology developed by Huds and Toke with the express feature of never requiring the treats to be stored in anything other than room temperature. They will not smudge or melt and thus, should not stain your carpet if your fury friend brings them inside to munch on your carpet! 

5. How long do they last? 

These doggie treats will last for over 12 months but your puppy won’t let them stay in your pantry for that long!!! 

6. Do they melt?

These Gourmet Dog Treats DO NOT need refrigeration. As such, they will not melt or smudge.  

7. Are they made with Chocolate?  

Huds and Toke Doggie Doughnuts are made with Carob. Carob is a natural substitute for Chocolate and is totally safe for all dogs of all ages to eat. Carob looks like Chocolate, but is in-fact, a natural product which is harvested from the Carob Tree, then developed to mimic chocolate, however, it is absolutely NOT Chocolate and does not share any ingredient similar to Chocolate and therefore is safe for dogs to eat. It looks like Chocolate, but it doesn’t taste like chocolate and is naturally sweet. Chocolate, on the other hand, is not safe for dogs. Dogs should never consume Chocolate. 

8. What happens if my child eats a Doggie Doughnut?  

All Huds and Toke Gourmet Dog Treats are made with Human Grade ingredients and then baked. They are designed as DOG TREATS only. However, should a human eat one, it is perfectly ok. It just may not taste like a human doughnut because there has been no added sugar and it is low in fat. These products are made with peanuts. Hence, should not be handled by someone with peanut allergies.  

9. How many do I give my dog?  

These Gourmet Dog Treats are designed to be given as one per dog at a time. They can be broken up for smaller dogs and they can eat more than one every hour. Please ensure that your dog has access to water whenever you feed your puppy and dog treat or dog food. 

10. How do I give them to my dog?  

This is entirely up to how much fun you want to have with your fur baby. Many people also use these products as a tool for rewarding good behavior or for simply showing them how much you adore their company. 5 They can also be used as a training tool. These Doggie Doughnuts have been designed to be given as one at a time however you can also break them in half and give at your leisure. 

 11. Do they have Artificial Preservatives?  

The Huds and Toke Doggie Doughnuts DO NOT contain any Artificial Preservatives or Artificial Flavors or any Added Sugar or Added Salt. They are designed specifically for your dog with their health in mind.  

 12. What are their Nutritional Values? 

Nutritional Analysis per 100g: Protein 12%; Fat 8.67%; Sodium - less than 1%  

13. Why are they a hard biscuit?

These Dog Treats have been designed with the health of your dog in mind. They are a hard biscuit to encourage dental health and gum health. Further to this, they have been specifically developed to last as a dog chew so your puppy can enjoy the moment and the experience. The minute the dog starts to devour the cookie, it starts to soften – they are designed to last longer than the usual cookie. They have been specifically designed NOT to be eaten quickly.  

14. Are they designed for dogs? 

All Huds and Toke Baked Gourmet Dog Treats have been specifically designed for dogs in consultation with professionals. They are not a human biscuit altered for a dog treat. They are 100% made from scratch specifically for dogs in a HACCP Accredited Factory.  

15. Can they be a food replacement for my dog?  

Huds and Toke Doggie Doughnuts are a Dog Treat Only. They ARE NOT and food replacement. Please ensure that whenever you feed your dog any food or Dog Treat, they have access to water.  

16. Do they contain Peanuts?  

These products do contain peanuts.